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Become a Vital Part of NFTxLV 2023
From artist support to guest relations, logistics to media coordination, your skills and passion will play a crucial role in crafting an unforgettable NFTxLV. Expect cutting-edge discussions, awe-inspiring art, and moments that will shape the future of NFTs.
Perks of Being a Volunteer
Behind-the-scenes look at conference operations
Exclusive Volunteer NFT
Food Voucher(s)
Free Admission
Awesome swag available exclusively to volunteers
A big Thank You to our 2022 cNFTcon volunteers
With your invaluable support, we hosted a successful IRL show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and learned so much together.  Thank you for making it possible!
Our volunteers embody these remarkable qualities
For 2023, we eagerly invite anyone with a similar energy to join us in creating a special experience for conference attendees. Volunteers are asked to commit to two, three-hour shifts throughout the weekend, but if you’re willing to contribute more, that’s awesome too!
A collaborative attitude
Effective communication to aid the conference and staff’s growth
Compassion towards one another and attendees
Eagerness to both learn and teach
Kindness that elevates the entire event
This is what you can expect as an NFTxLV Volunteer:
Embrace the NFTxLV excitement with just two shifts throughout the weekend – or more if you’re up for the challenge!
Illuminate your NFTxLV experience by working 4+ hours in a single day and unlock a delicious food voucher to keep you fueled and ready to rock
Your NFTxLV journey doesn’t end with your shift – claim your Volunteer Swag Bag and reveal the exclusive NFT redemption waiting for you
Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let’s create magic at NFTxLV 2023 together!